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Buy both and save!

We now have two Emerald City dresser/buffet furniture pieces completed. To help promote both of them, we are offering a limited time "buy both" offer for our online sales only. They are both beautiful pieces, painted in green - one with lots of flowers and tendrils and a slightly smaller one with stylized birds and flowers. They are both all wood and our free shipping policy does indeed apply to any of these purchases, whether singly or together. The price for both pieces is $2,380 which represents a 15% savings over buying them singly. This offer is only good until June 15.

The second Emerald City piece is painted in a beautiful, shimmery olive green and includes the lovely birds and boughs depicted as well and additional gold highlights. Please check the website to see each of these furniture pieces and the offer we have made relative to the purchase of both of them together.

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