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Finally finished!

This gorgeous dresser (or buffet) I have dubbed the Emerald City Gardens is finally finished and a new dresser (which you will soon see) is on its way.

This particular piece had lots of twists and turns during production. I used 3 different kinds of paint on it before I found what I wanted - meaning lots of sanding and painting, resanding and repainting, etc. There was an image of it in my head, and when it was completely finished, that image matched up pretty well with the completed project. However, there were many moments when I was not sure at all how it would turn out.

The embellishments include molds that I poured and painted gold. Placing them on the drawers so that they complemented the floral transfer on the lower left area required many arrangements and rearrangements before I figured out what worked best. Then painting the gold highlighted carved trim - oh my! I have since discovered there are much easier ways to achieve this look, but I actually painted each little stripe and all the Asian-inspired trim across the top and again across the bottom front. Very tedious and often frustrating work!

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