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Honoring Ukraine

As most Americans have done, I am newly fascinated with the Ukrainian people and their desperate fight to maintain independence and freedom. Their story seems so familiar. Oh, right, it is reminiscent of the story of our own country's founding, a story we all know so well!

As a result, I have a new project - I call it "Honoring Ukraine." Ukraine's national flower is the perky, happy sunflower and their national flag is a field of blue atop a field of bright yellow - the colors of the sky and the sunflowers reaching up into it.

"Honoring Ukraine" is a series of trinket boxes painted in these two colors - sky blue and sunny yellow - with a perky sunflower affixed to the top. They are simple, not elaborate at all, and they are for sale on our website - www.simplyposhbygaynette. Just look for them in either the New Arrivals tab or the Honoring Ukraine tab.

They can also be seen and purchased at Market Street and General Store, 304 High Street, Portsmouth, VA starting September 1, 2022.

I am excited about this project as all the proceeds will be sent to "Project Joint Guardian." This organization sends U.S. firefighters to Ukraine to provide emergency services in their hard hit cities and towns. It turns out that my son's niece is a firefighter in Sacramento, CA, and she has been to Ukraine twice already. She may soon be heading out for a third mission.

I am so happy to create this project. It will go just a little way to help fund this extremely important and needed work. And it is truly special to be connected to a special young woman who is donating her all to helping people with such dire needs.

Please consider purchasing a trinket box - we have 3 sizes so there is ample choice for you. The boxes are relatively small and can be used to drop your keys in when you get home, drop the earrings you just took off before being put away in their regular storage place, or a place for a child's special treasures. You will be helping a very good cause!

They can be purchased either on our website or at the retail store, Market Street and General Store at 304 High Street in Portsmouth, VA. They are going pretty fast!

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