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Little by little - "Simply Posh" comes to life

It seems that the new shop should immediately pop into reality exactly as it is in my head. Unfortunately,

there are tons of details that take time and energy. Obtaining city permits, acquiring an appropriate check-out experience for customers (meaning choosing a really good point-of-sale system - the new fangled version of a cash register), figuring out how to display all kinds of things, and actually obtaining inventory (at least, inventory that is in addition to my furniture), setting up wifi and utilities, etc, etc. At least one thing is completed - both interior and exterior painting is done.

As you can see, the sign has not yet been installed. This is due to the city's sign permit requirements. Hopefully we can get started on that in the next week.

These blog posts will continue until we are actually open. It now looks like the end of March or early April before everything has been done and we can open the doors. I will definitely keep you posted!

As always, if you would prefer to not receive these notices, please text "Stop" to 757-720-2880.

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