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Now that I have actually started

It amazes me whenever someone purchases something I have created. Of course, I have not actually created anything - the pieces already exist. I clean them up, repair them, and then paint and embellish them in what I hope are gorgeous colors and designs. It is fun, satisfying, and really exciting work. And while I absolutely love each piece I work on, it is always a surprise to learn that someone else loves it, too, and is willing to pay me for it. All this leads me to tell you that a favorite project of mine sold today. It is a lovely shimmery turquoise vanity, or desk if you prefer, and a small matching bench.

While I have absolutely loved having it in my to look at and admire, it is really satisfying to know it is going to a home that needs it and will appreciate it. Now my mind is racing ahead, thinking about my next project - a cabinet to be painted dramatically in burgundy and black with highlights of gold and other bright colors.

Stay tuned!!

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