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Sneak Peek

Our next piece of furniture is a gorgeous dresser, made of solid wood and painted green with lots of embellishments. When the drawers are installed, it will be easy to see why this has been named "Emerald City Garden." It should be completed by the end of this week - you will get to see the entire piece soon!

This particular dresser was quite a challenge. Because it is hand painted (except for the embellishments which you cannot yet see) and because I wanted to highlight all the beautiful carvings on it, it tested our patience! This dresser required 3 different types of paint before we settled on one that created the desired look. So lots of sanding, painting, resanding, repainting, etc. The carvings are painted in a very dark metallic green that looks black but is not quite, and as you can see, they are highlighted in gold.

Don't look too closely, there are still lots of flaws which are being slowly cleaned up. It will be stunning and elegant when completed. Watch for it!!

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