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New name for our new storefront/workshop! The "Simply Posh Boutique"

Updated: Apr 2

Our location is at 24 S. Kings Way in downtown Hampton, VA.

We had set April 1st as our first day to open the doors to the public. We are almost there - still waiting for the final inspection approval from the city, finishing up the touchup work on the furniture that has been moved hither and yon over the past year, and getting all the last minute things set up. It has been a wild ride so far, and I am eager to get on to the next phase of things.

Below is a photo of the shop as it currently looks inside. We still have art to hang and rugs to put on the floor, and we will have all our signage in about a week. We are revved up!!

The frontdoor
The checkout counter

As always, let us know by sending STOP to our email address: if you would like to discontinue receiving these emails.

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