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You choose the color, size, and theme.  We paint and embellish to create the perfect little treasure box for you favorite thing - whether it is your pet's photos and paperwork, your child's first baby tooth loss, your favorite recipes, your late mother's wedding ring, your favorite vacation photos, even a proposal engagement ring box!  Whatever your imagination would like you to have.


Choose no more than 2 colors for each box - once we know what you desire in colors and sizes and theme, we will do the rest!  And it will be beautiful!

Click on the Sample Regular Memory Box picture to see more detail.

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • You choose the color, size, and theme.  We embellish and create a beautiful place for your treasured memories! 

    We do the embellishing - and you agree to accept the work that we choose to do - based on the information you provide.

  • We will do our best to create your Memory Box in the theme of your choice - for example:  Floral, Nautical, Child, Animal, Hunting, Fishing, Fancy, Plain, etc. 

    Or you can just leave it up to us!

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